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Family Community Centre Vision

If you were to walk through the Balwyn North area and surrounding suburbs you would notice the number of children and young families in the area with a real blend of people from many countries, cultures, and backgrounds. This is the mission field of North Balwyn Baptist Church. We as a church family, through the building of a Family Community Centre, feel a real call of God to shine the light of Jesus Christ and partner with families to 'Raise Lifelong Followers of Jesus'.

Fundraising Goals

  1. $600k by end of March 2023

  2. Additional $1.1 million by March 2024

  3. Additional funds over this amount will be used to keep one or more of the townhouses for church ministry and use

Direct Transfer

BSB: 704 922

Account Number: 100018778

How does the building of a Family Community Centre help this vision?

  1. We are seeking to provide ministries for parents and their children, from playgroups through primary school, junior and senior youth, and young adults programs. The Family Community Centre will provide a focal point for these ministries.

  2. We are seeking to connect in a more meaningful way with our community. At the moment, when people drive past our church they see a property that is only for Christian Baptists. Our mission is not to be a 'holy huddle' but to be a light of Christ to families and children. The aim of the Family Community Centre is to reframe the view of our property and purpose in the eyes of the community as a place that is there for them and their children.

  3. We are seeking to provide facilities that a re functional, purpose-built, and adaptable to the needs of the future. This new building is to help facilitate the growth of our Generations Ministry.

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