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Meet Our

The Barnes Family

Serving in Siem Reap, Campbodia

WE ARE SUPPORTING THE BARNES FAMILY with Global Interaction in Siem Reap Cambodia


Craig & Kim Barnes with their 4 children Henry (12), Amaya(11) and twins, Elodie and Reuben(8) are living in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They work with Global Interaction so that the Good News of Jesus can be lived out and spoken to the Khmer people in ways that make sense to them in their culture.


Why then did they uproot their family and go to live in Cambodia? 


Kim says, “A few years ago I watched a movie where the main character was challenged to say “Yes” to everything for a whole year. When we said “Yes” to God He very quickly took us out of our comfort zone and out of the places where we weren’t living for His glory. 


We were living a very comfortable life with good careers, a house in a great location and good schools picked out for our children. We saw the life of success and security that we were building for ourselves but couldn’t ignore the niggling feeling that there must be something more to life than just being comfortable. We began asking God seriously what else He had for us. As we began to say “Yes” to Him he took us out of our comfort zone step by step. 


First it was selling our house then it was leaving our jobs and moving interstate so Craig could study aquaculture (hugely out of his comfort zone!) Perhaps the hardest “Yes” was moving our family into an interstate residential Bible College. We lived in a very international community and I had to learn to constantly say “Yes” to God even when we didn’t always feel like it. Then we spent the next stage of our lives travelling around in a caravan, part time, with our 4 kids,  speaking to churches.

Over and over our lives have been transformed by saying,  “ Yes” to God.”


What are they doing now?


They have been living in Cambodia for more than 2 years


They live in a village on the outskirts of Siem Reap and have been spending most of their time getting to know the Khmer culture and language. This means having regular meetings with their Language Nurturer and a lot of hard work to learn the words and grammar. Then so they can practice they spend the rest of their time just connecting with people in the local markets, their home, neighbours and friends homes and through a whole range of community events and festivals.

Knowing the language and culture is critical if they are to share their faith in a way that the Khmer people understand in their own culture. This is a slow but rewarding experience and God is working in beautiful ways in the lives of peoples who often live in fear of evil spirits.


Their children Henry, Amaya. And twins Reuben & Elodie are attending an international School in Siem Reap 

Dema & Carolyn

Serving the Lord in Thailand

WE ARE SUPPORTING DEMA & CAROLYN with Global Interaction in Chiang Rai North Thailand

Dema and Carolyn grew up in Mizoram which is a small  State in North East India which has significant borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh.  It has a population of just over 1.1 million people and Christians make up more than 87% of the population with a significant number of those being Presbyterian and Baptist. Incredibly this tiny State has 2,300 missionaries who are in India and other parts of the world. 


Dema & Carolyn are 2 of those. Dema became part of the Global Interaction team in 2001 when he went to China and taught English and he was joined by Carolyn in 2003. After a further time of study in Mizoram they went to Thailand in 2010. After some very encouraging ministry in a rural areas around Ban Luang, Northern Thailand they moved to Chiang Rai  in 2017 so their children, Grace and Daniel can attend a school there and a new faith community might be formed. 


What are they doing now?

  1. Dema has finished a  teaching course at university in Chiang Rai s required by the government so he can qualify for a 5 year visa.                                                                                                                                                 

  2. Both Dema & Carolyn are involved in teaching English in local schools. This provides significant relationship building opportunities with teachers, children and parents.                                                            

  3. They both have language & culture nurturers who meet with them each week which brings both the opportunities to learn more and also to live and speak the Good News

  4. A lot of their ministry is simply relationship building in the local community in everyday life including the local market, community events, festivals and relating to their landlord, community leaders and neighbours.They run a small bible study group with interested people as well.In recent years thay have had a lot of great conversations about Jesus and some people have come to believe in Him.

  5. Their children attend the Hope International School in Chiang Rai


Pray for then that in their everyday connections with people they will continue to build meaningful friendships and be able to shre their faith in a way that is gracious and clear

Kirrily Drew

Serving the Lord at Christian Union, Monash 



Kirrily has been part of the NBBC family for many years and has been involved with a variety of ministries with our young people and young adults. Currently she is one of our worship leaders.


After a time of prayer and discernment a few years ago Kirrily felt a clear call to be part of the ministry team with Christian Union who share the gospel with many of the 1000’s of students at Monash University and encourage Christian students so they become effective disciples.


As university begins each year Kirrily and the CU Team are heavily involved in getting to know new students through Orientation week, connecting to 2ne+3rd year students, having a welcome BBQ, introducing students to courses and events that will help them get to know about the Christian faith and encourage those who already have faith.


What is Kirrily doing now?


1. The training of Christian students in Christian life courses including “The Course of Your Life”,

2. The overseeing, leadership development and encouragement of Faculty leaders

3. Overseeing all the parts of the ministry that have to do with making mature disciples (including Growth groups, Camps, Conferences and Prayer and Bible Triplet groups). 

4. Being a part of the overall Leadership team on Campus

5. One on one encouragement of students and staff as God gives opportunities


Her Prayer needs include:

  1. Pray for wisdom, sensitivity and encouragement as she fulfils her role

  2. Pray for her physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wholeness

  3. Pray for unity in the CU team and for God’s generosity, patience and compassion for them

  4. Pray for the ability and desire to rest, stop, pray, listen, reflect and plan for her ministry

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