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Our Story

Faithfully Serving the Balwyn North Community

Multicultural By Design

We are a multicultural congregation that comprises of people from 25 nations, which is quite representative of the local community of the North Balwyn suburb.

We welcome people of all ages and cultural backgrounds and invite them to passionately follow Jesus.

Distinctives – Theological & Values Emphasis

North Balwyn Baptist Church can best be described as: Theologically – mainstream evangelical, but really we are simply people seeking to passionately follow Jesus throughout our lives.

Some of the strengths the Church has shown over the years:

A. Welcoming, engaging and involving people of all cultures
B. Investing in children and youth ministries toward discipleship
C. Focus on the word through preaching and growth groups
D. Special events that show hospitality and engage new people
E. Helping and caring for people

Our Values

  • Multiculturally welcoming

  • Small group discipling

  • Biblically centred

  • Friendship fostering

  • Children & Youth focused

Worship Style

Our worship style could be best described as contemporary.  We do value the songs and hymns of the past, as well as embracing the “new songs’ God is bringing into Christian worship.  We strive for maximum participation of our congregation in the service.  On any given Sunday you will see people from the congregation involved in welcoming, morning tea, singing, musical accompaniment, Bible reading, testimonies, communion, sound and projection, children’s ministry, youth Bible study, to name but a few of the ways people can be involved.

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