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In this world there is so much that seems to divide us. Recently we have been confronted by racism of all kinds across the globe. But God sent Jesus to make possible the way for all of us to live in harmony. His answer is the Church. It is the welcoming, loving, unifying, forgiving, healing body of Christ that is to lead the way. It starts with us. We are to model and show that every human being is created in the image of God to be loved by Him.

We are to fulfill God's vision for the Church as a community that embraces without prejudice. Every person, regardless of nationality, language, skin colour or culture, is an equal and important part of the family of God. As we celebrate "International Sunday" God is sending us into this world: our homes, schools, neighborhoods and workplaces; to show tenderness, understanding and love to all. It starts with you. Pastor Graeme

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